Anglais Euro

Les élèves de la section Anglais Euro ont préparé leur représentation théâtrale avec entrain et le spectacle a été superbe ! Merci aux élèves pour leur enthousiasme et à leurs professeurs Mme Forsyth et Mme Gobinaud pour les avoir accompagnés tout le long de ce projet.

A memorable show

On the 14th of June, the euro class, both year 9 and 10, presented a magnificent show to our beloved parents and friends.

What I think we’ll remember for a long time is definitely the 100° degres in the room and the warm advice from our teachers before the show. We all enjoyed creating, rehearsing and performing the show. It was a great way to end to our year.

This stressful but joyful moment will remain in our minds for a long time.

Thank you to the generous parent who kindly took great pictures of the show. We can now keep those memories and show them to our future children when they ask what our middle school years were like.

Written by Roxane G.

Merci à M. Brouillat pour les magnifiques photos :